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"Our 'Core' Values"

I love to work out and, in that process, I have learned that one of the most important parts of my body is the core because if it is strong, I am strong. All parts of the body come from the core. Developing a baby's core is so critical in the early years, which is why we do tummy time. If the baby develops a strong core, then they have good balance, strength and coordination.

Likewise, core values are critical as a child grows and matures. Many times, we look at behavior and we should, however, where does that behavior come from? It comes from what is going on with a child at the core. Are they fearful, anxious, doubting? Look at their heart and figure out what is really going on so that you can deal with the core and in most cases, the rest will fall into place.

In conclusion, focus on your child's heart and who they are at the core. Be the role model for them and guide them tenderly when needed and with tough love when needed so that they can be nurtured in all the best ways.


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