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"Head versus Heart in our Children"

As parents, we have been commissioned to raise our children imparting knowledge and skills so that they can advance and grow. We do this in a variety of ways. We teach them their "ABC's", how to count, how to do things for themselves, how to brush their teeth, how to eat healthy foods, etc. We sometimes incorporate preschool to help teach them how to share, how to function in a group setting, how to resolve conflict, how to get along with others, etc. So, we know that we have to pour into their minds to stimulate their brain and teach them many things. And then one day, they can be independent and use their brain to go to school, get a job, and raise their own family.

By the same token, we have been commissioned to raise our children to have a big heart. In other words, we must work equally as hard to instill character and emotional intelligence. If we only work on their head to make sure they are smart, we cannot develop the whole child. How do we build and nurture their heart? By recognizing this skill will be caught as well as taught. They are watching us and the way we handle interactions with other people. Are we kind, patient, and thoughtful taking time to smell the roses? Or are we always in a hurry, only thinking of ourselves and putting others down reacting rather than responding?

Teaching gratitude is another way to help develop a child's heart, so they are gracious, thankful, and giving to others. Allowing joy to rule your heart instead of allowing every circumstance that comes up to cause you to flounder.

Be sure that as a parent, you realize your role is to raise bright, intelligent children, but to also raise children with healthy hearts that think of others and want to contribute, rather than always consume.


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