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Drowning in Screen Time

David Murrow has written a book we all need to read entitled, Drowning in Screen Time. In the book, he reminds us how many times we see a child in a stroller with a tablet for entertainment so the mom or dad can grocery shop in peace? But as Murrow points out- what are we teaching them by doing this? We are letting them know when you are bored, pick up a device. And ultimately, what we are instilling is, it is okay to not interact with the world around you, just bury yourself in technology.

He is quick to point out, we have to be the model for them by limiting our own time on devices as well. One good rule of thumb is when a child enters the room, put your phone down, close your computer or mute the TV. Give them your full attention so they know they are much more important than anything else.

Our children's brains at this point are everchanging and moldable and are still forming and developing. Our brains actually need a break from time to time to be calm and recharge. When we are on devices, our brains are stimulated 24/7 and they do not have a break to grow as they should.

So, what is the answer? I would definitely encourage you to get the book and read it, but one answer is to have a screen use time chart set up and then carry through with it every day. You as the parent are the only one who can get control of this and make sure your child is experiencing outdoors, play time, friend time and all the many things that make a child well rounded and whole. This takes a lot of time and effort as parents, but I think your reward will be great as you shape their future.

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