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"Confident Learners"

One of the goals at Brook Hollow is to help raise children who love learning. If we can instill that in our children, they will become confident learners most likely. So where do we begin?

First, we need to establish what type of learner they are - how is their brain wired? How do they best absorb information?

There are generally three types of learning styles.

*Visual learner - this is the child who is more interested in what they see than in what you say. They need visual cues to really understand and comprehend.

*Auditory learner - this is the child who needs to hear their own voice. They need to repeat something for it to really stick in their mind. This child needs to ask questions or talk their way through a thought process.

*Kinesthetic learner - This is the child who needs to move to learn. Their minds are preoccupied with one thought - moving! Their brain can only absorb what the seat can endure!

Our lives will be so much simpler if we figure out what kind of learner we are and then what type of learner our children are. That way we can pour into them in the way that works and not waste time teaching in ways that don't work for them. I love that in preschool, we teach in all these ways but often in public school or even private school sometimes, this is not possible. With 25 children in the room to one teacher, how can she/he cover all that effectively? It is up to us as parents to be the educators and advocates our children need. Let's be sure to raise confident learners!


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