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We welcome you and your child to the Brook Hollow Weekday Education Program. This is an important first step for your  child. 


For many children, this is a "first" experience of being away from  the security and routine of home. 

Therefore, our strongest desire and primary goal is to help your child find happiness and success in this experience.

Our desire is to help your child develop physically, emotionally, and  socially to the fullest a fun and creative way.  


♥  To help each child feel loved and accepted in a warm, safe, and loving environment. 

♥  To help each child build strong feelings of self-worth. 

♥  To help each child learn to love and appreciate the wonderful world God has made. 

♥  To help each child learn responsibility in caring for self and sharing toys with fellow classmates. 

♥  To make all learning experiences creative and challenging, yet fun.


Each teacher will strive for these goals in different ways; but all of our efforts will be done with a spirit of love and acceptance.


Please visit our other pages to see what we offer for each age level!


We are licensed by the Department of Human Services to ensure excellence in our services to you and your child. 

You can see a list of these requirements by clicking here. 


We are also a three star rated program for quality of care.

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