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"Firm, Consistent Boundaries"

The word, boundaries, often conjure up negative thoughts for us. Words like confining, limiting, or staying within the bounds promote adverse reactions. But for children, boundaries are absolutely necessary. Children need boundaries to provide security, assurance, and to know they don't have to be in charge because someone else, namely the parents have that covered.

Will children take charge if they are allowed to? Of course they will, but in the end it does not serve them well. They will struggle with accepting authority from others if they are allowed to be in charge at home. Remember, we are raising adults so we must begin that process now of having a boss one day, having teachers that we must listen to and obey, and others who are over us.

Children will thrive with consistent boundaries because that actually makes them feel secure and safe. We need to let our children know, "I am the parent and you are the child and your job is to be the child."


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