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"Grace for the Day"

I love the summer - it just feels good as if the whole year takes a breath and relaxes just a bit. So my encouragement this summer is to be present. Your presence for your child/children is really what they want. It does not matter what you are doing - swimming, having a picnic, going to the water park, or looking up at the clouds and guessing the different shapes - as long as you are 100% with them (minus your phone) it is good. It is so easy to miss the grace and goodness of a beautiful day when we are stressed about tomorrow or fearful for the future. Being grateful for the day means choosing to see what is, rather than being blinded by what is not.

So experience "today" grace and shift your perspective to just take in all one day can offer. And know, this time will pass way too fast - love the child you have today!


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