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"Shining Eyes"

Where does your child shine? I know for some of us we are not sure what our child's strengths are just yet-we may know their weaknesses for sure-but not in tune yet with exactly how they are wired. In their book, Play to Their Strengths, the Millers address a new approach to parenting your children so that you tap into their special abilities and their bent. So often, we hope our child will follow in our footsteps or be like us whether that be athletically or intellectually. But you may be raising a child who has a mechanical mind and enjoys things just the opposite of you.

One way to find out what lights them up is to watch their eyes! When your child is in their element and their eyes light up because they love what they are doing, pay attention. This could give you clues to what really makes them tick and how God wired them to go. Then affirm and encourage that so they can grow to their full potential. And that can begin even now in the preschool years. Be aware and watch for those shining eyes!!

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