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"Nurturing Confidence in Your Child"

How do you raise a confident child? One of the ways is to build resilience in them. In her book, Resilient Kids, Kathy Koch says resiliency is recovering readily from disappointments, failures, defeat, and trauma. It is when children can bounce back and make adjustments when challenging situations arise. But who then has to model that for them? We do-we have to show them our responses when life goes haywire, rather than our reactions which may not be as positive.

Resiliency leads to growth, progress, and success. But the opposite of resiliency leads to heartache, further stress and being stuck in our emotions.

Resiliency begins as a choice, becomes a learned ability, and then becomes a part of the very character of the child. They learn to navigate messes and move on and therefore becoming stronger for it.

Let's teach our children that challenges are opportunities to learn and grow. What a better way to experience life!!


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