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"Living on Toddler Time..."

On a walk with a preschooler and there is frost on the ground for the first time. The child stops, observes, and touches the thin layer of ice crystals. It melts in his hand, and he reaches for a leaf covered with the frost as he rubs it on his cheek. He is awestruck and he is learning, expanding, and making new memories.

How often do we stop and allow these encounters for our toddlers or preschoolers? I hope your answer is "often!" There is nothing that compares to hands-on learning. They are engaged, using their senses, and it is a joyful moment. This sweet time with your toddler will be gone before you blink, so take the time and try living on their time when you can. These connections to nature and each other make a huge difference in the life of a child.

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