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"Intentional Parenting"

Doug Fields, speaker, writer, and ministry leader for 35 years says, "Two messages we must convey to our children are...

'I believe in you' and 'You are loved'".

Doug goes on to say, "Begin with the end in mind". In other words, have a game plan for each of your children and gently guide them to find their purpose. Don't waste the time God has given you to raise your children to be effective contributors to society.

Here are some targets that may help:

*install confidence in them (but be careful that it is not arrogance)

*install character (make sure they understand a moral compass set by your example)

*install convictions (they need to believe in something and someone greater than them)

*install compassion (acts of service for others help with this)

*install competency (encourage difference makers)


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