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As you reflect on your life, what significant influence do you remember most? Was it an event, a book you read, a place you visited, or was it a person in your life? In most cases, people are the biggest influencers in our lives. And for children that is true too. Mom and Dad have the biggest role in a child's life. It is your task to make sure that influence is positive, powerful, and purposeful. A child's self-esteem is very much wrapped up in how Mom and Dad make them feel. Of course, that still means boundaries, discipline, and structure. But to recognize how much they need affirmation, affection, and approval is vital to their healthy growth and development. Is it time consuming, challenging, and do you have to stay at it all the time? Yes, these are all true and tough. But the pay-off is so worth it- because one day your child will become an adult, who contributes in wonderful ways to our society.

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