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How to raise a Child to Know God . . .

How do you introduce your child to God and help them love Jesus? Natasha Crain in her book, Talking With Your Kids About Jesus helps us to equip our children with faith for a challenging culture. She suggests that just like when you are trying to keep a tidy home, you do a little bit at a time, the same is true with teaching children. You certainly can sit them down and talk to them about faith in Jesus all at once, but that may be a bit overwhelming so maybe handle it a little bit at a time.

For me, I compare it to doses of medicine - when a child is small, we give them a small dose of medicine to make them better. We increase the dosage as they grow. So, with our faith, give small doses of talks about God as it applies to situations that we encounter. Increase those messages as they develop and can handle more of God's truth.

Give information that is appropriate for their age and stage of development and God will bless your efforts. And as with everything, your model and example are the best guide to point them to a faithful God and lead them to Jesus.


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