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February - the month for love

Love comes in many shapes and forms- so how do we model love for our children? A couple of thoughts come to mind on this topic.

One is to love God well. Allow God's love to transform your life and it will show to others. God actually desires for us to think on lovely thoughts, peaceful thoughts. Our world is in crisis, but we can still foster peace by not allowing the circumstances of life to rule us. Rather, spend time alone with God, in nature, and choosing to have a thankful spirit and mind.

Secondly, love your spouse well. Modeling love to your spouse is one of the greatest ways you can model love for your children. This provides security for them to know the relationship to your spouse is healthy and strong. It is easy to think of ways to nurture our children, but nurture your marriage relationship more and God will bless your efforts.

Love is a powerful word- let us love in word and in deed as we mentor our children in love.


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