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Disconnect to Reconnect

According to statistics 89% of young people have devices and most children have a smart phone by age 10.5. Between the ages of 12-17, nine hours a day are spent on social media. That is a lot to wrap our heads around and yet whose example are they following- yours and mine?

Depression is growing in our youth and experts say the reason is their self-esteem is based on the number of followers they have. Also, happy times are posted on social media and the picture seems to say my life is perfect. Does your life look like this and if not then you don't measure up because your posts don't look like this.

What does all this have to do with a preschooler? Just to encourage you to connect with your child daily many times a day and limit their social media now and forever. Recognize the addictive parts of social media for yourself and for your children. Values are passed on through our connections and through our conversations. Talk with your child face to face and give them your full attention. Put the phone, I-pad, TV and movies away and play game with your child. Go outside for a walk, teach them to ride a bike. Engage and bond and don't allow social media to take your place in any way.

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