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Prayer Warriors

Be prayer warriors for your child, not problem solvers. Often we rescue because we do not want to see our children in pain, but rescuing is truly one of the most harmful things we can do to them. When we rescue them, we do not allow them to build their resilience muscle or to know how to face conflict resolve it effectively. Why not allow them to learn these skills in a safe environment like your home? That way you can talk through how to solve problems in the best way that works for everyone.

Prayer is powerful and our children today need our prayers. We need to lift them up for protection. We cannot be with them all the time, but we can trust God to take care of them and provide what they need.

Love your children well by giving them the skills they need to be independent problem solvers. How do they learn that- only practicing it in a safe way. That starts now so that later when they are in that challenging position, they know the right choices to make.

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