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Unconditional Love

February is the month for love- there are many kinds of love. Love for our pets, love for a favorite food, love for a favorite season and then love for each other. Love is also multifaceted. It has many sides to it. One thing that is true for children is we love them, nurture them, hug them, but the side we are sometimes missing is the tough love. The side that says, " you cannot climb the steps yet because you will fall and hurt yourself," Or, " you

cannot touch the hot stove just because you want to, it is dangerous." The child may scream and cry because they cannot do what they want , but we know that is what is best. Disciplining your child is also what is best for them. You are raising an adult and they have to live and function in society at some point. What you are doing now to teach them parameters and boundaries is shaping them for the future. We have to recognize love includes preparing them for the future which means not always having your own way. Children are like cement- they are pliable and moldable right now but at some point they harden. Let's make sure we have done our part as parents to be good examples and role models and shown consistency in all facets of love.

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