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Say, "Thank You"...

It seems in our homes and schools, we have lost the art of teaching manners. Manners are fairly simple reminders that we are to be courteous and respectful of others. Entitled children become entitled adults and then we have a problem in society. So let's get back at a very early age of teaching words like, "Please" and "Thank You" consistently.

Marcus Aurelius, A first century Roman Emperor wrote this, " The Most important thing a man can choose is how he thinks." Wow, what a powerful statement and so true. If we think and dwell on the negative in our lives, it will drag us down. However, if we choose to be positive and thankful, it changes our outlook and attitude. No one can be discontent for long when they have an attitude of gratitude.

But we must teach our children to be thankful, it does not come naturally. Likely one of the best ways to do that is by example. So open your eyes and see the gifts of God all around you and say "Thank You". Cultivate thankfulness for you and your child.

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