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"1-2-3 Magic - it works"

Parenting is one of the most important jobs in the world and it can also be one of the most enjoyable jobs too. Sometimes that is hard to believe, especially when you are in the midst of chaos and conflict. However, you are the adult, and you are the one that needs to find a plan and pattern that works for your family and keeps some order to the chaos.

In the book, 1-2-3 Magic, it explains how to find that method that the children understand and as long as you are consistent with it, life can actually be fun and enjoyable. And in the process, you can raise self-disciplined adults who are competent, happy, and able to get along with others. This method of discipline can produce emotionally intelligent children who can manage their own feelings as well as understand and respond to the emotions of others.

Are you ready to have a happy, peaceful home? Check out this great book that teaches you how to get started today. All you need to bring to the table is determination and commitment.

Happy New Year!!


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